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We are an average (happily) married couple with a house, garden and a Volvo car. 
nly lacking the dog to truly match the description of being average.

That is, we are probably not that average after 60 years of marriage;
for a marriage to last that long is becoming somewhat of a rarity.



------ o0o -----

Then 10 more years have passed and we have now celebrated ours




Mille and I met in the same way as most couples did. At a Saturday night dance.

Back then every meeting hall and public house had dances on Saturday nights.

We did not have discos with techno music – or “hottentot” music,
as I prefer to call it.

No, back then there would be a live band with musicians playing real instruments
without the use of computers and the like.

Together we had our beautiful daughter, Helle, who you can find out more
about on the following page.

Mille’s hobbies are: - (WAS)

The house, garden and cooking the latter being something she is practically
famous for! She loves a “small” dinner party of 30, 40 or 50 people.

In addition to that Mille likes “Aqua Trim” which is water gymnastics.
She enjoys a long ride on her bike or a walk in the lovely nature that
surrounds us here in mid Jutland.

Mille has been working as a saleswoman at an optician in Silkeborg since we
returned to Denmark from Greenland.  --
- (read more abouth Grønland - HERE.

Søren’s hobbies are: - (WAS)

The garden!!! I mow the lawn, cut the hedge but leave everything else to Mille.
I do not tend to interfere much with the housework either. 

I guess I am a typical product of the time when men were/are very privileged in
regards to everything concerning housekeeping, children, cooking etc.

My greatest interest lies with computers, which I spend hours studying. 
I have become quite capable and use the Internet a lot as well as a programme 
called SKYPE, which allows me to communicate with
people all over the world.

We always have had many guests including both family as well as friends 
and we enjoy it very much. 

Children are always welcome and we have had the children of family and friends
here for  holidays several times.

Another hobby of mine is writing songs for parties and other occasions.
I have had this hobby for many years and continue to find it fun,
exciting and challenging.

Unfortunately schools no longer teach the classic Danish folksongs and 
only few people know the good, old songs. 

This usually results in people requesting a very small variety of melodies 
but I tend to suggest different ones.

In my working life, I was sales manager in different store.
Food, hardware, kitchen furniture, clothes, shoe, and more.
(Sometimes it all, at the same time). - (Big store).

Oktober 2001. As you can see I have now started creating this home page
– a very exciting process.

 (Counter start  31-10-2001)


September... 2002 - Søren has been retirement pensioner.

April........... 2005 - Mille has been retirement pensioner.


December 2015

We have sold our house in Salten - which is 10 km. south of Silkeborg,
and now we are moved into a completely new apartment
Borgergade - 8600 Silkeborg.
We enjoy it. No house repair - no hedge and lawn mowing, etc..


In 2017 - I wrote down my life memories.
(Probably most interesting for my family).

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