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" Søren 60 year 2001 - side 1 "


On September 19th I turned 60. It was a lovely day filled with surprises!

The first thing I saw in the morning was a well-provided table 
containing a giant birthday cake.

Mille and I had agreed not to celebrate on the day. 
BUT along with our daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren 
she had planned all sorts of things I knew nothing off.

They had all taken the day off work and school 
and arrived for breakfast at 9.30 pm.

We arranged for them to come to dinner that evening.

BUT they came back at 3.30 pm and all of a sudden I was kidnapped. 
Off we went for a drive and off course I did not know where 
we were going or what the plan was. 

It turned out they had made reservations at a choice restaurant in Århus. 
As we sat down at our table Mille’s younger sister and her husband turned up. 
They had just felt like going out for a meal, they said (was planned in advance).

After a lovely dinner they all felt like a stroll around town. 
I did not suspect a thing when we passed the “Musikhuset” in Århus. 
BUT it turned out we were to watch an amazing show 
by the very entertaining and famous Danish comedy trio “Linie 3”.

It was a wonderful day and evening. They sure got me, poor guy.





"Musikhuset" Århus.


I had my birthday party with 115 guests 
(family, friends and neighbours) 
on Saturday 22nd September 
at the "Salten Kro". (a local inn)


















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